FXLibrary - the fastest sound effects system for Windows

Ultra fast cataloguing, searching, playing & exporting of WAV (compressed or uncompressed) sound effects.

Supplied with data for most commercial sound effect libraries.

Capable of cataloguing your own files from their filenames or Broadcast WAV headers.

Drag and drop export to most vision/sound editing systems (eg Digidesign Pro Tools, Avid Media Composer, Quantel IQ, Nuendo, Cool-Edit (Adobe Audition), SAW) and direct export to AMS-Neve AudioFile SCs (other systems under development)

Release Version (  (release date 17th Jul 2009)


FXLibrary is a Windows application for searching and playing your sound effects library from a local IDE/SCSI/FireWire or mapped network drive in uncompressed WAV form or any compressed WAV format recognised by the Windows ACM Codecs installed on your system (most commonly required option MP3 is available freely).

. Play from local drives or across a network

. Play out of any installed sound card - (doesn't have to be professional one as you can export track as WAVs once chosen)

. Play 8/16/24/32 bit multi-channel audio - (integer, float coming soon) at ANY sample rate supported by your sound card hardware

. Live sample rate conversion - selectable quality on playback.

. Commercial sound effect library track data supplied.

. Free lifetime updates - program and sound effect library track data.

. Catalogue your own custom SFX WAVs - across multiple drives from their filenames or Broadcast WAV headers.

. Searching is blindingly fast - (most searches take well under a second - even on older PCs)

. Uncompressed WAV export of sound effects tracks (sample rate converted if wanted)  (even if your library is MP3 for example).

. Mono (split LEFT or RIGHT or combined LEFT & RIGHT), Left/Right reversed or M/S export of stereo tracks

. Taglists - of any combination of sound effects tracks and save/reload taglists on the same or on other machines or save as a readable text file

. Projects and bins - to store searches and taglists in

. Custom user track notes - on a track for personal reference

. Waveform display - on player (mouse-click locatable within the display) with in / out points that are stored and can be used for exporting



FXLibrary is a project of Free Range Audio Ltd, 50 Eastcastle St, London W1W 8EA

FXLibrary will soon be back at this site as part of a growing catalogue of Pro Tools ADR/music/WAV and other utility software